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ROPEX®  Swedish Sex Formula, Now Available in US

The ROPEX® formula was developed by Swedish scientists in the mid 1960′s and over the past several decades has been used by millions of men in Europe and Japan where it is highly regarded for increasing virility and sexual vigor. ROPEX® contains the all natural proprietary botanical seed extract Pollexil™ designed to improve prostate function which is key to heightened sexual experience and increased semen production. ROPEX® users typically experience stronger, more intense ejaculatory contractions and larger semen volume release called “the ropes“ effect. Orgasms are also reported to be more intense due to increased semen production and stronger ejaculation events.

Key Benefits Provided By ROPEX®
  • More intense ejaculatory contractions
  • Increased volume of released ejaculate creating the “ropes” effect
  • Faster recovery for second orgasms
  • Improved semen quality
  • More satisfying orgasms due to increased contractions and ejaculate
  • Relief of prostatitis and BPH conditions
  • Improvement of Erectile Dysfunction symptoms caused by diabetes
  • Enhanced sexual well being and vitality